About us

artiva a brand of Campo Sportivo GmbH

artiva is a young, up-and-coming sportswear label from Berlin. In addition to our own small collection, we produce customised sportswear in national league quality true to our motto "customised sportswear".

We are motivated by happy athletes and teams who enjoy wearing our products. Who are motivated by top quality and custom design, better performance and higher team spirit or simply just enjoy playing their sport even more. No matter what kind of sport they do or what purpose their sportswear and clothing serve - artiva produces individual sports and functional articles of the highest quality using the latest breathable materials and finishing techniques. Our design freedom extends not only to printing, but also to cuts, fits, fabric selection and finishing options, which make every shirt, pair of trousers and jacket something truly unique. “100 customised”.

With our multiple finishing techniques, every athlete, every club, every company receives a unique product in a quality that is otherwise only offered to top athletes or professional clubs - even for the smallest orders.

artiva - WE are the winners

Since 2012, our satisfied customers include individual athletes, clubs, sports groups and companies who want to design CI-compatible sportswear to meet their wishes. We are happy with every successful design that we develop together with our customers. We want to be close to you, our valued customer. We want to be more than just a shirt printer or shirt designer on the internet. We want to participate in activities and campaigns, with motivation and commitment. We want to be close to our customers, committed, reliable and personal. This is the only way we can respond to all your wishes and meet our quality standards. We advise and support you in the selection of fabrics and cuts, give recommendations for practical finishing options and develop your own personal design in cooperation with you.

artiva – fair trade

And something else distinguishes us from other manufacturers. We produce our 100% CUSTOMISED sports textiles exclusively in Europe and the European Union. For both small and large quantities, we focus on dialogue, transparency and respect. You can therefore wear our clothes with a clear conscience.

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